3 years into this experiment

My first baby turns 3 today. She is incredible. Smart and kind. She thanked her dad and I for taking such good care of her. What three year old does that?!

It is customary at times like these to comment on how fast time goes. I want to say I can’t believe it. How is my baby three? Because I feel that on some level. But not in the sense that time is flying, because holy hell we have fought for every milestone and every ability. We are working for every good lesson we teach and big toddler emotion we balance with calm and patience. Some days we have fought so hard just to make it to bedtime with as few tears from everyone as possible.

So, when I say, “I can’t believe she’s three.” It’s more about how much she has grown and matured in three years. In three short years we have seen her go from a cute baby slug to a human being who can communicate her fears and desires to us. A person who makes up stories and songs, has likes and dislikes, tries every food we offer her and likes a lot of them. She has become a being who loves purple and cats and dogs and bunnies. Who is affectionate and funny. Three years ago she couldn’t hold up her own head. Today she rode her bike with training wheels around the block. 

So, I am not surprised that she is three because some of those days were damn long. But I am so delighted at the personality she is growing. I could not have imagined three years ago as I waited for my first baby, as I waited to learn how to be a mother, as I waited, I could not imagine that I would have the joy of knowing this person, the privilege of watching and guiding her growth, and the honor of calling her my kiddo. Happy Birthday, Eleanor. You’ve become so much in so short a time.

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