Lost in the midst

I started this post two days ago and didn’t make it past the title before I got interrupted. This is my life! My brain cannot complete one task without getting interrupted. Case in point, I’ve been working on this post for two days. Two days! One sentence per day. . .

I’m here to document my thoughts that won’t go away. Pacing in our nursery back and forth, back and forth (it’s a small room, the backs and forthes are only about 5 steps each), I have all these thoughts about what I’m doing and about life as a parent. I need a place to put them down.

I also need a place to write. To be thoughtful about my words. To communicate, even if no one reads it. To find myself and my place in the altered world that is parenthood.

I didn’t need this with my first. She was fun, easy. She slept at night! (A miracle.) But I am struggling with a babe that doesn’t sleep and having a 3 year old at the same time. So, maybe taking some time to reflect each week (I’m not making any huge commitment here) will help.

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